Spectrum: Collaborating with America’s Broadcasters

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T-Mobile is already achieving milestones to transition our 600 MHz spectrum to use for wireless consumers. This work is benefiting low-power and public television stations that must transition to new channels, as well as millions of wireless subscribers – especially in rural America.

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Check out T-Mobile’s video: Achieving the Vision for Expanding Mobile Broadband. Learn about the benefits that 600 MHz spectrum will bring to rural, suburban and urban consumers.

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The FCC carefully crafted a 39-month transition plan for 600 MHz broadcast spectrum. T-Mobile’s $8 billion investment means America’s Un-carrier is ready to work with broadcasters across the country. Check out this video which shows the FCC’s commitment to a ten-phase transition calendar.

600 MHz Band Notifications By County

To avoid interference, we recommend that ancillary equipment occupants of the 600MHz band bookmark this page and periodically check our two documents showing spectrum blocks where T-Mobile will soon deploy wireless services.

Non Station Notification

FIPS Level Notification

LP Reimbursements for 2nd Move Process


We’re All In!

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