DAS Site

DAS Site Requirements

Where is DAS Used?

These systems are placed within large properties such as apartment complexes, sports stadiums, public venues such as city, county, and state halls, hotels, hospitals, college campuses, single- and multi-tenant businesses, or anywhere large groups of people congregate for extended periods of time. They are also placed in the utility right of way, on top of utility poles, street light poles, and traffic signal poles.

What Is the Advantage?

DAS creates a strong area of wireless coverage and capacity within the subject property. In the past, coverage and bandwidth from the neighborhood cell site served these large properties, along with everyone else in the area. When too many users were overloading the site, it caused blocking, drops, and slow bandwidth.

How Can We Help You?

More than ever, commercial and government entities seeking design and budget from an original equipment manufacturer are turning to T-Mobile to request a plug-in with our radio frequency source, which is fast and cost effective for all concerned. It’s essentially our BYOC “Build Your Own Coverage” carrier program.

If you have a public venue and would like to request a plug-in with T-Mobile’s radio frequency source, please submit your site for consideration.

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What Is DAS?

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is the infrastructure placed inside buildings for increasing and improving wireless signals.